Tag Line Development

What is a “Tag Line” and what is its value to my business?

A tag line can be critical to your business. It captures the essence of your brand and becomes a major asset for your business. Here are a few examples of tag lines our team has been intimately involved in creating and/or executing:

  • Nestle Crunch: Chocolate is S-crunch-ous when it Crunches
  • Mosquito Magnet: Fatal Attraction for Mosquitoes
  • Bounce Fabric Softener: Bounce Static Away
  • Adam Financial: Come Grow with Us
  • Newport: America’s First Resort

Great tag lines are born out of your brand strategy. In applications such as websites a tag line is right at the top of the page with your logo. It tells your target audience exactly what you stand for even before they dig into the details of your website. This can help visitors decide whether they are on the right website and encourage them to dig deeper to learn more about your products or business.

Hopefully you have one. If you don’t you need to make it a priority and we can help. Please contact us to request more information on tag line development and how it can help your business.